Agenda 2016-2017

 DECEMBER 2016  

EFICO – Coffee trader Visit, training, tasting of “Grands Crûs”  Infos & reservations : Xavier Bernès  

MONDAY 12th  
BELGIAN OWL Visit, tasting of the differents bottlings Infos & reservations : Serge Guillou  

MONDAY 19th  
HORECA MAGAZINE  Photos for 2017 magazine Infos & reservations : Serge Guillou  

JANUARY 2017  

MONDAY 23rd  
TROPHEÉ DE LA MARIANNE Cocktails competition in cooperation with Businness France Open to Belgium’s (UBB) and Luxemburg’s (ALB) bartenders Infos & registrations : Fabian Van Roy  

CONCOURS DU MEILLEUR JEUNE BARMAN EUROPÉEN DE SPA Cocktails competition for Belgium’s & European’s catering schools UBB & ALB will be in charge of the cocktails and champagne contests Infos & registrations : Serge Guillou  

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