Business France Contest 2014

Business The competition to innovate by creating a cocktail contest using only French spirits, January 18, 2016 at the Palace of Brussels Congress. This event was organized in collaboration with the Union of Belgian Barmen (UBB).

Participants had to make two cocktails in 2 innings. The first round of the Rhum and ISAUTIER Meeting
second with Cognac AUGIER.

Michel Van Heck (Thon Hotel, Rue de la Loi) again managed to get creative by winning the 1st place of Marianne trophy.
Congratulations to him and thank you to all the participants for their many discoveries
And our technical and tasting Jury for the proper conduct of the Contest.

Banana Story :

                -3 Cl de Cognac Augier « Le Singulier »

                -1 Cl Liqueur Cacao Brun Marie Brizzard

                -1 Cl Crème de Coco Giffard

                -1 Cl Sirop de Banane Giffard

         -1 Cl de Crème Fraîche

Décoration : Chocolat rapé

Cocktail BoomB :

                -4 Cl de Rhum Isautier Maturé Barrik

                -2 Cl Liqueur de Poire Marie Brizzard

                -1 Cl Sirop de Vanille Routin

                -1/2 Citron Vert

                -1 Bâton de cannelle

                -1 Branche de Verveine

Décoration : Canelle + Citron vert + Verveine

Cocktail effectué dans un verre de Type Gem Old Fashioned