Contest Best Young European Bartender Spa 2015

Spa hotel school gathers every year hotel schools from Belgium, France and Italy to defend the title of best European young barman, 2015.
The contest is over five tests; beer, coffee and cappuccino, classic cocktail creation and champagne service.

The test cocktails and champagne, framed by the bartender dynamic team of UBB Serge Guillou and Bertrand Barboux Luxembourg has held all its promises.

The beer test; meticulous setting up the workstation, draw a Jupiler beer, bottle service of Stella Artois lager and Leffe brown ale, all in the state of the art service with the Belgian supervised by AB InBev professionals.

The service champagne: taking orders and service in the rules of the bar with a half bottle

The completion of two coffees and two cappuccinos at the barista way.

1er / Estelle Leyens (Athénée Royal et École Hôtelière de Spa) N°17

   2è / Filippo Ensabella (Institut d’enseignement Technique Saint Ghislain) N°18

   3è / Antoine Mermet (Lycée Hyacinthe Friant – Poligny-France) N°8