IBA Congress 2012

CongratulationPeruvian bartender Walter Rolando Davalos Cardenas who was proclaimed IBA World Champion of the year 2012 !

A magnificent victory for this very young man who, furthermore, wins it in the category considered the most difficult by the professionals : the before dinner cocktail. It is the first time that Peru has won the title to the great pleasure of the President Guillermo Osorio Romero and the Vice-President IBA South America Nepomuceno Ramirez Gonzales. South America is, like Asia, a zone of the world in full development, generally, but especially for spirits with the launching on the international market of piscos or cachaças premium. The associations of barmen strengthen every year there.

On the 10th of October, the IBA Congress 2012 ended after four days of meetings and competitions. This 61st edition was organized for the first time in China, in Beijing from 5 to 10 October 2012, by the young association of barmen of the country, which has been in existence for seven years. A first significant step in the world of the bar and the spirits on a market which is rapidly expanding.

With the hosting of 2012 IBA Congress, it gives the Association of Bartenders China (ABC) the opportunity to gain more international exposure and also helps to strengthen the bar culture in China ‘ declared Frank Lee, ABC President on this occasion.

Fifty six countries were represented – more than 400 participants – in the Hotel Crowne Plaza Beijing Park View Wuzhou, near the stadiums of the Olympics Games of 2008. With the sun in the rendezvous and an atmosphere, as every year, very friendly.

The Associate Members partnering this year congress are Bacardi, De Kuyper, DiSaronno, Fabbri, Finest Call, Fratelli Branca, Giffard,Grand Marnier, Havana Club, Mattoni, Marie Brizard, Midori, Monin, Perrier, Rémy Cointreau, Routin ,Védrenne, West Region Strong Spirit, with Libbey and Durobor providing glassware for the competition.

This Annual Meeting is essential for our Association, declared Derrick Lee, IBA President, even if it sometimes asks for great efforts of certain associations to be present: distance, obtaining of visas, expenses, etc. But we must always continue to meet to strengthen our links and to continue to improve the structures of our profession . All this would not be possible without the support of Associate Members. They are warmly thanked for it’.

The training of the young bartenders at the heart of the concerns of the IBA

During the general meeting of the presidents, two new countries were welcomed into the IBA, Mexico – BAM – (Mr Eduardo Adrian Juarez) and South Korea – KBG – (Mr Max Kim). Latvia, Colombia, and The Dominican Republic were there as observers. At the heart of the concerns of all countries remains the training of young bartenders on which the EDC Committee works on during the year. Training Centers (Naples in Italy for Europe, Lima in Peru for South America, Singapore in Asia) continue to welcome young professionals and to deliver official certificate. Apart from the three regions training centre, guilds also conduct the Certificate in Bartending Course with certificate issued by the Center for Excellence in Singapore (IBA HQ). On the agenda also, the essential approach of social responsibility which, today, is a real pact between the producing companies of alcohol and the professional bartenders.

Nearly one hundred competitors for the World Championships of cocktails

Two full days were dedicated to the World Championships of Cocktails, the competition beginning on Sunday the 7th with the flairtending. Every competitor had to demonstrate his ” juggler’s ” talents, while producing a cocktail. They were judged on technique (70% ) and on tasting (30% ) by experts under the control of Alex Beaumont (Vice President Southern hemisphere) who instrumented the flairtending in the IBA in year 2000.

Six competitors were selected after the first round : Tihomir Mihaylov from Bulgaria, Jeoffrey Verquin from France, Tom Dyer from Great Britain (Silver Medal 2011), Marek Posluszny from Poland (Gold Medal 2011), Vaclav Abraham from Czech Republic and Juan Pablo Santiago from Uruguay.

The second round took place in front of number of young Chinese barmen very fond of flairtending, the competition was very strong and the level of six finalists was high. The result was obvious and proclaimed by Derrick Lee: Champion is the young Juan Pablo Santiago, 2nd, Marek Posluszny and 3rd Vaclav Abraham.

WCC 2012 (Results)




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