National Contest Of Belgium 2016

 Congratulation Simona Tsacheva ( Wilcher’s by Steingerberger Brussels) who won by decision of the jury the price of bartender Best of Belgium 2016. she will leave for Tokyo to represent Belgium at the international competition.

Good Luck!!!!

« Etta »

Fresh raspberry       2 pieces  …

Peach nectar Caraïbos          

* 1 cl Pear nectar Caraïbos              

3 cl Mango syrup Giffard      

1,5 cl Tarragon liqueur Marie Brizard      

1 cl Absolut Vodka         3 cl

1st Runner up – Fabian Van Roy (Waterloo Bar – Hôtel Royal Windsor)

Cocktail « Sweet Samouraï »

Strawberry jam        2 cuil.

Yuzu syrup Routin 1883 1,5cl

Fresh lime juice 0,25cl           

Maracuja nectar Caraïbos 1 cl

Rhubarb liqueur Giffard         1,5 cl

6 0’Clock Gin                 4 cl

2nd Runner up – Corentin Deschamps (Le Bar – Hôtel Amigo Rocco Forte Brussels)

Cocktail « La Mélisse »

Fresh mint       4 leaves

Strawberry syrup Routin 1883       1,5 cl

Fresh lime juice       1,5 cl

Black pepper       1

Esprit de June       2 cl

Beefeater 24 Gin       4 cl


Best Technic: Evelyn Medina (Loui Bar)                                                                           Best Garnish: Karim Britel ( Stoefer)