Agenda 2016-2017

 DECEMBER 2016  

EFICO – Coffee trader Visit, training, tasting of “Grands Crûs”  Infos & reservations : Xavier Bernès  

MONDAY 12th  
BELGIAN OWL Visit, tasting of the differents bottlings Infos & reservations : Serge Guillou  

MONDAY 19th  
HORECA MAGAZINE  Photos for 2017 magazine Infos & reservations : Serge Guillou  

JANUARY 2017  

MONDAY 23rd  
TROPHEÉ DE LA MARIANNE Cocktails competition in cooperation with Businness France Open to Belgium’s (UBB) and Luxemburg’s (ALB) bartenders Infos & registrations : Fabian Van Roy  

CONCOURS DU MEILLEUR JEUNE BARMAN EUROPÉEN DE SPA Cocktails competition for Belgium’s & European’s catering schools UBB & ALB will be in charge of the cocktails and champagne contests Infos & registrations : Serge Guillou  

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Agenda 2016

World Tournament 2016


Dear UBB bartender

           You will enclosed the link to get all informations regarding the 3rd edition of The Diplomatico World Tournament
Registration  will be done on line at 
Applications will be accepted between August 1st – September 30th, 2016
World finale will be held in Barquisimeto (Venezuela). 
One full week in Venezuela!!!!!!
Enjoy your tests !!

Marie Brizard contest 2016

UBB Bartenders
Please find enclosed all informations regarding 2016 Marie Brizard Contest

List of the available products

Recipe sheet to fill up and send on September 18th latest

General rules (to read carefully)

Juices to be used : Caraïbos products. 
Lemon, lime & grapefruit can be fresh juices
Enjoy your tests
Respect the deadline!!