Giffard West Cup 2019

2019 GIFFARD WEST CUP, Cocktails Competition
Belgian Selection
Winner will represent Belgium in the International Finale in Angers on May 28th.


Corentin DESCHAMPS – LOUI BAR – Wiltcher’s Steigenberger – Brussels Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies 2019

Belgium’s Selection for Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies in the offices of HORECA MAGAZINE, 105A, Colonel Bourgstreet -1140 Brussels.
1st prize – Professional Bartenders
Corentin DESCHAMPS – LOUI BAR – Wiltcher’s Steigenberger – Brussels
1st prize – Students
Tarama ARVICUS – Athénée Royal et École d’Hôtellerie de Spa – Spa

Internationale finale of Calvados Nouvelle Vogue, hosted by IDAC Interprofession des Appellations Cidricoles, will be held from 24th to 26th March in Caen, France

First Runner up: Michel Van Hecke ( Thon EU Brussels)

Second Runner up: Marco Baricchi ( The Twelve Thon EU Brussels)

Technical Price: Julie Nullens ( Bar à Ju’ Spa )


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National Contest 2018

The 57th UBB –Union of Belgium’s Bartenders- National Cocktails Competition was held on Monday May 14th in Distilerry Of Biercée.
The best bartenders in the country competed for the title of Champion of Belgium 2018.
Julien Duvivier has conquered all the judges and won the title of Champion of Belgium 2018.
He will participate to the IBA –International Bartenders Association- World Cocktails Competition, which will, held in Tallin (Estonia) from October  1 rt till October 6th October, this year.

This Cocktail: Short Crusta

3,5cl Gin Beefeater

1,5L William Pear Liquor Biercée Distillery

1,5cl Aprico Liquor

2,5cl Lime Juice

2cl Egg White

0,5cl Elderflower syrup

Calvados Nouvelle Vogue Contest 2018

After competing with 14 different countries, the result is….. 3rd place for Belgium with Camille!!!!
Congratulation’s Camille!!!

UBB La Marianne Trophy 2018

2018 Trophée de la Marianne

Cocktail competition organized in collaboration with Business France, Union of Belgium’s Bartenders & Association Luxembourgeoise des Barmen
The bartenders were asked to create a pre-dinner and an after-dinner cocktail with Cognac La Truffe – Distillerie Cabane

Congratulations to all participants and to Alain Servaty who won the competition

1st Prize
Alain Servaty
Auxquatrevents – Aux Quatre Vents – Jemeppe sur Meuse
1st Runner Up
Marco Baricchi – Bar XII – Brussels
2nd Runner Up
Pierre Munier – Knokke Out Luxembourg Ville

See in 2019 for the 4th edition

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Calvados Trophy Nouvelle Vogue 2017

Calvados cocktails competition for catering schools students and professionals bartenders. Winners in each categories will represent UBB and Belgium for the International Trophy in Normandy.

♣ 1st Bartender Prize Fabian van Roy (The Bar – The Hotel Brussels)

« Le Voyage du Normand »

Calvados Domaine de la Flaguerie 4 cl

Liqueur de framboise Giffard 1,5 cl

Sirop de bubble gum Routin 1883 1,5 cl

Jus de Cranberry Caraïbos 3,5 cl

Jus de lime frais 1 cl

Blanc d’œuf 2 cl

♣ 1er prix étudiant Breian Garcia (Institut de Saint Vincent de Paul)

« Cherry Beach »

Calvados 3 cl

Cherry Brandy Marie Brizard2,5 cl

Jus d’orange Caraïbos3 cl

Jus de lime frais0,5 cl

Blanc d’œuf 2 cl

Kriek Lambic Lindemans 1,5 cl

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2017 Bols Around The World Competition


Online subscription from September 1st till October 31st Informations: https://we.tl/cBQ2WSzjDw Contact : arne.vancraeyevelt@remy-cointreau.com

The competition is mainly focused on the development of a BOLS Genever concept. Bols Original Genever and Bols Barrel aged Genever will be the key products for this incentive!

Calvados Nouvelle Vogue 2015

Trophée des Calvados Nouvelle Vogue 2015 Winners of the Belgium’s Selection

Julien Duvivier (Crystal Lounge – Sofitel Brussels Le Louise) won wide the professionals selection with his cocktail “Balaclava”. Prepared in a shaker with 3 cl calvados, 1 cl strawberry liqueur Giffard, 3 cl Caraïbos apple juice, 1 cl fresh grapefruit juice 1,5 cl of elderflower syrup Marie Brizard.
Estelle Loyens (Spa Hotel School) won the first place with her cocktail “Love Surprise”. Prepared in a shaker with 2 cl Calvados 1 cl cherry brandy Marie Brizard 0,5 cl pear liqueur Marie Brizard liqueur 1 cl Giffard cherry syrup 1 cl fresh lemon juice 3,5 cl brut cider.   Julien and Estelle will represent UBB on March 30th in Deauville for the international finale of The Trophée des Calvados Nouvelle Vogue 2015.
New member in UBB family: Simona Tsacheva.

Simona passed her UBB exam during the Belgium’s Selection of Calvados Nouvelle Vogue in 2015, which was held at the Grand Hotel Steigenberger Brussels on March 2nd. Simona works at Bar XII, Thon Hotel EU at 75 rue de la Loi in Brussels, under the leadership of Michel Van Hecke.


Contest Best Young European Bartender Spa 2015

Spa hotel school gathers every year hotel schools from Belgium, France and Italy to defend the title of best European young barman, 2015.
The contest is over five tests; beer, coffee and cappuccino, classic cocktail creation and champagne service.

The test cocktails and champagne, framed by the bartender dynamic team of UBB Serge Guillou and Bertrand Barboux Luxembourg has held all its promises.

The beer test; meticulous setting up the workstation, draw a Jupiler beer, bottle service of Stella Artois lager and Leffe brown ale, all in the state of the art service with the Belgian supervised by AB InBev professionals.

The service champagne: taking orders and service in the rules of the bar with a half bottle

The completion of two coffees and two cappuccinos at the barista way.

1er / Estelle Leyens (Athénée Royal et École Hôtelière de Spa) N°17

   2è / Filippo Ensabella (Institut d’enseignement Technique Saint Ghislain) N°18

   3è / Antoine Mermet (Lycée Hyacinthe Friant – Poligny-France) N°8