Corentin DESCHAMPS – LOUI BAR – Wiltcher’s Steigenberger – Brussels Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies 2019

Belgium’s Selection for Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies in the offices of HORECA MAGAZINE, 105A, Colonel Bourgstreet -1140 Brussels.
1st prize – Professional Bartenders
Corentin DESCHAMPS – LOUI BAR – Wiltcher’s Steigenberger – Brussels

Name of the Cocktail: “C’est du Belge !”

3,5cl Calvados

1,5cl Poire Maniac Liquor Distillery of Biercée

3cl Peach jus

1cl spicy syrup Routin 1883

2 dash Hazelnut Bitter

1st prize – Students
Tarama ARVICUS – Athénée Royal et École d’Hôtellerie de Spa – Spa

Name of the Cocktail: Coffee Time

4cl Calvados

2cl White chocolate syrup Monin

3cl Arabica Ethiopan Coffee Rombouts


Internationale finale of Calvados Nouvelle Vogue, hosted by IDAC Interprofession des Appellations Cidricoles, will be held from 24th to 26th March in Caen, France

First Runner up: Michel Van Hecke ( Thon EU Brussels)

Second Runner up: Marco Baricchi ( The Twelve Thon EU Brussels)

Technical Price: Julie Nullens ( Bar à Ju’ Spa )


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Discovering of Speyside Distilerry. Nice Trip October 2018.

At the beginning of October, some members of the Belgian barmen’s union and its president went on a trip to discover the Speyside distilleries (Dalwinnie, Aberlour, Maccallan, the Glenlivet).*

Thank you to all members for participating in this educational trip.

Thanks also to the Firms for arranging for this trip to be possible.

Thanks to Rémy Cointreau, Coca-Cola, Diageo.

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UBB La Marianne Trophy 2018

2018 Trophée de la Marianne

Cocktail competition organized in collaboration with Business France, Union of Belgium’s Bartenders & Association Luxembourgeoise des Barmen
The bartenders were asked to create a pre-dinner and an after-dinner cocktail with Cognac La Truffe – Distillerie Cabane

Congratulations to all participants and to Alain Servaty who won the competition

1st Prize
Alain Servaty
Auxquatrevents – Aux Quatre Vents – Jemeppe sur Meuse
1st Runner Up
Marco Baricchi – Bar XII – Brussels
2nd Runner Up
Pierre Munier – Knokke Out Luxembourg Ville

See in 2019 for the 4th edition

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Giffard west cup 2017

Belgium’s Selection for Giffard West Cup 2017
was held in the Sofitel Brussels Le Louise

1st Prize
Michel van Hecke – Bar XII

1st Runner up
Martina Tsacheva – Bar XII

2nd Runnner up – Lobby Bar
Julien Duvivier

Michel will represent Belgium for the International Competition in Angers on June 5th & 6th with his cocktail :

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Calvados Trophy Nouvelle Vogue 2017

Calvados cocktails competition for catering schools students and professionals bartenders. Winners in each categories will represent UBB and Belgium for the International Trophy in Normandy.

♣ 1st Bartender Prize Fabian van Roy (The Bar – The Hotel Brussels)

« Le Voyage du Normand »

Calvados Domaine de la Flaguerie 4 cl

Liqueur de framboise Giffard 1,5 cl

Sirop de bubble gum Routin 1883 1,5 cl

Jus de Cranberry Caraïbos 3,5 cl

Jus de lime frais 1 cl

Blanc d’œuf 2 cl

♣ 1er prix étudiant Breian Garcia (Institut de Saint Vincent de Paul)

« Cherry Beach »

Calvados 3 cl

Cherry Brandy Marie Brizard2,5 cl

Jus d’orange Caraïbos3 cl

Jus de lime frais0,5 cl

Blanc d’œuf 2 cl

Kriek Lambic Lindemans 1,5 cl

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European Junior bartender competition 2017


European bartender competition for catering schools students
4 competitions for 1 winner

Elora Ballan / Lycée Hyacinthe Friant – Poligny – France

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Trophy La Marianne 2017

Competition in collaboration with Business France and Bologne rum
and Association Luxembourgeoise des Barmen
Winner : KEVIN WAFFLART (Luxembourg)

Runners up :

Michel Van Hecke (Bar XII)
Julien Metrot (Loui Bar)

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National Contest Of Belgium 2016

 Congratulation Simona Tsacheva ( Wilcher’s by Steingerberger Brussels) who won by decision of the jury the price of bartender Best of Belgium 2016. she will leave for Tokyo to represent Belgium at the international competition.

Good Luck!!!!

« Etta »

Fresh raspberry       2 pieces  …

Peach nectar Caraïbos          

* 1 cl Pear nectar Caraïbos              

3 cl Mango syrup Giffard      

1,5 cl Tarragon liqueur Marie Brizard      

1 cl Absolut Vodka         3 cl

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Calvados Nouvelle Vogue Contest 2016

UBB organizes on Monday 22 February at the Thon Hotel EU in Brussels, the 9th national selection for the International Trophies Calvados Nouvelle Vogue to be held in Caen on 21 & 22 March.
The competition, open to the association of bartenders and hotel school students in Belgium, will enable a bartender and a student accompanied by a journalist to represent the UBB in the international final.
This year Fabian Van Roy (Waterloo Bar – Royal Windsor Brussels) and Clement Lancelle (Hotel School Provincial St Ghislain) distinguished themselves by winning the first prize in their respective categories. Calvados brands were randomly selected by each participant.
To support this competition the following calvados houses were present Field of Flaguerie, Coquerel, Dupont, Château Dubreuil, Drouin, Lecompte, Boulard and Père Magloire.

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Business France Contest 2014

Business The competition to innovate by creating a cocktail contest using only French spirits, January 18, 2016 at the Palace of Brussels Congress. This event was organized in collaboration with the Union of Belgian Barmen (UBB).

Participants had to make two cocktails in 2 innings. The first round of the Rhum and ISAUTIER Meeting
second with Cognac AUGIER.

Michel Van Heck (Thon Hotel, Rue de la Loi) again managed to get creative by winning the 1st place of Marianne trophy.
Congratulations to him and thank you to all the participants for their many discoveries
And our technical and tasting Jury for the proper conduct of the Contest.

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